e-Books by Neal Barrett, Jr.

A growing list of books by Neal Barrett, Jr. are available in e-book format, from multiple publishers. On this page, we do our best to keep up with the latest Neal Barrett, Jr. e-books.

The Hereafter Gang e-Book

The Hereafter Gang ebook cover image

The Hereafter Gang

"On a hot summer Texas afternoon, Cindy Nance introduces young Doug Hoover to the two great secrets of life. Doug likes the first secret a lot. The second, that guys grow up and go to work, doesn't appeal to him at all. A series of meaningless marriages and do-nothing jobs prove Cindy was right. Turned off by the present, Doug tries to recapture the joys of his past Captain Marvel and cinnamon squares, Dr. Pepper and window-peeking fun.

"Nothing goes right until Doug meets Sue Jean, the culmination of a lifetime enchantment with mean-eyed Southern girls, his all-time carhop queen. Reality takes a hard right and never slows down. Doug, Sue Jean, and readers who can hang on tight are swept through an indescribable romp that gives new meaning to life, death, and roadside romance."

Pink Vodka Blues e-Book

Pink Vodka Blues ebook cover image

Pink Vodka Blues

"Russell Murray is the editor of a literary magazine in Chicago. He drinks way too much. And he's in big trouble when he wakes up in a hotel room with a beautiful woman just before two men come into the room and kill her. They try to kill Murray, too, but he gets away. Things never slow down after that.

"Wanted for murder, Murray winds up in a detox center in Wisconsin. He escapes along with a beautiful redhead named Sherry Lou Wynn. One of his many problems is that he has no memory of where he's been or what he's done. He and Sherry Lou try to stay alive while being pursued around the country by homicidal goons, including the murderous Wacker twins and a blue-haired, tennis-shoe wearing granny with an Uzi. Bones Pinelli wants his briefcase back, by golly, and he doesn't care who dies as long as he gets it."

The Aldair Quartet e-Books

All four of the 2012 edition Aldair e-books from Biting Dog Publications feature new introductions by Neal Barrett, Jr.
Aldair in Albion e-book cover image

Aldair Book 1: Aldair in Albion

"On the day that Aldair found that his world had abruptly turned upside down, his history- changing quest began. And he did not even then know that it was to be a quest. Aldair had been a true acolyte of the Faith when it happened. And then he found himself an accursed outcast, the one against whom all hands were raised. His only friends were those who had been his most viscious enemies. His only course led to the lands of horror. And his final goal had to be that most forbidden of all lands, the dwelling place of the dead, that island of total terror known as Albion." (With new Introduction by the author.)

Aldair: Master of Ships e-book cover image

Aldair Book 2: Master of Ships

"'I have done more than my share of wandering. In a few short years, I have been slave, scholar and master of ships. I have played no small part in the death of two great empires. I have nearly been eaten whole by the shapeless thing that guards the Great River. I have even soared above the earth like a large ungainly bird. ...

"'Finally, I have come to know the handiwork of Man, in the sad and fearful land of Merrkia, across the Misty Sea. The terrible secret of that race has come to light at last, though it is a thing I can scarcely fathom even now. And if I have learned nothing more in my travels, I can say in all truth that I am proud to be the beast I am.' --Aidair, late of the Venicii." (With new Introduction by the author.)

Across the Misty Sea e-book cover image

Aldair Book 3: Across the Misty Sea

"'Highly recommended,' was the verdict of the Science Fiction Review on the first Aldair novel, which brought a young not-quite-man into exploration of a world strikingly similar to ours yet different. The comparison made then with Clifford Simak's City holds true for this new account of Aldair and his world.

"For his world and ours are the same ...but his lies in the future and seems destined to parallel the history of our own. Where is humanity? What legacy has true mankind left to its manlike descendants that they must relive our past? For Aldair has been forced into the role of a future Magellan, who must travel down the coasts of unmapped continents, facing monsters, winged wizards and great dangers, to find a knowledge older than the history of his entire race." (With new Introduction by the author.)

Aldair: The Legion of Beasts e-book cover image

Aldair Book 4: The Legion of Beasts

"One of the strangest adventurers in the history of science fiction. It is millennia from now and mankind has vanished from the Earth, under mysterious circumstances... But he has left a legacy behind him: a host of intelligent species artificially enhanced by means of humanity's genetic science. Aldair is one such product, an intelligent, upright pig." (With new Introduction by the author.)

Darkest and Dawn e-Books

Through Darkest America ebook cover

Through Darkest America

"Post Apocalypse America: Bluevale was about all Howie had seen of the world. Even his Pa, who knew everything, didnít know much about the way it was before the war. Scriptures said all of the unclean animals had been wiped out. Howie didnít know what that meant exactly. Heíd seen horses. And stock of course. Stock looked like humans. ĎCept stock had no soul. Thatís why they was meat. Contains Bonus Chapter!" (With new Foreword by Joe R. Lansdale.)

Dawn's Uncertain Light e-book cover

Dawn's Uncertain Light

"After The Fall...America's Great Dream is over. Centuries ago it was devastated by the ultimate war. The effects still linger. Food is scarce, water even scarcer and human compassion nowhere to be found. Even so, society is slowly rebuilding itself. But is it a society whose thirst for success is built on an enormous, barbaric lie: Silver Island." (Sequel to Through Darkest America. With new Foreword by William Browning Spencer.)
Also look for the short story "A Day at the Fair" in e-book form, from Biting Dog Publications.

PIGGS e-Book

PIGGS e-book cover

PIGGS - A Novel with Bonus Screenplay

"If the Sopranos wore overalls and didn't care for shoes, they'd likely live in Mexican Wells, Texas. If Jack hadn't screwed up a no-brainer holdup in Amarillo, if he hadn't gotten high with a long-legged Oklahoma girl--hey, if he'd ever done anything right, he wouldn't have ended up in the Huntsville pen. He sure wouldn't be washing dishes in a dump like WAN'S.

"The good news is, WAN'S is right next door to PIGG'S, where Jack's beloved, Gloria Mundi, takes it all off every night. The bad news is, redneck mobster Cecil R. Dupree runs PIGG'S, and wants Gloria for himself.

"Still, all Jack needs is a couple of hundred grand, and he can take Gloria out of all this. One way to get it is to foul up Cecil's dope with the bad bunch from New Orleans, steal a fast car and get out of town. What's wrong with a plan like that?" (This digital edition of PIGGS includes an original, unproduced screenplay, written by the author.)"

Interstate Dreams e-Book

Interstate Dreams e-book cover image

Interstate Dreams

Dreamer came back to Austin, Texas from a bad banana war with a souvenir slug in his head. No big deal, just a minor side effect: Now, every safe, every lock, every fancy alarm takes a nap when he's around.

Dreamer's not tempted. He's straight arrow and doesn't need the dough. He's happy selling guppies, hanging out at Mama Lucy's Vishnu and Jesus Barbecue. And, when the days are long and the AC's blowing cool, spending lazy afternoons with his breathtaking, irritating, mean-mouthed over and big-time attorney, Eileen.

Still, a secret like Dreamer's doesn't stay secret long. A lot of people want to know what his talent's all about. Only Neal Barrett, Jr., author of The Hereafter Gang, heralded as "One of the Great American novels," could stir up this special mix of outrageous mayhem and unadulterated black-hearted fun you'll find in Interstate Dreams.

Written With a Razor e-Book

Written With a Razor e-book cover image

Written With a Razor - Stories and a Screenplay

Based on the character The God of the Razor, Created by Joe R. Lansdale - Stories by Joe R. Lansdale, Screenplay with Neal Barrett Jr.

"A long time ago, in this very galaxy, Joe R. Lansdale created a character named The God of the Razor. The God lives in another dimension, most of the time. Certain symbols, certain acts of bloodletting and violence, certain blades - one razor in particular - can open those doors. In this volume you will find a screenplay based on Joe R. Lansdale's novel NIGHTRUNNERS. The screenplay is written with Neal Barrett Jr., and though it was bought for Masters of Terror - the series was canceled, and the movie was never filmed. Still - there is the screenplay - written in a style intended to play like a movie in your head.

"Along with that screenplay, you'll find three short stories with intros by the author, explaining bits and pieces of the evolution of The God of the Razor...you'll never look at a razor blade the same way again..."

Karma Corps e-Book

Karma Corps e-book cover image

Karma Corps

"Captain Lars Haggart was a soul waiting to be reborn...but before that blessed event he had been inducted into the Arm of God Regiment, fighting for the beleaguered Churchers on a newly colonized planet. Their foeódemons who could pop into existence, slay and pop out of existence the next instant. The demons were winning that war, sending their Unborn, opponents back to limbo, driving the living colonists toward extermination. ... An unusual science fiction novel of a space colony in deepest trouble and of aliens who knew planetary secrets that were never in anyone's Holy Book."

Stress Pattern e-Book

Stress Pattern e-book cover image

Stress Pattern

"The essence of a truly null-Earth logic may never be as clearly defined as in this novel-length package of interplanetary surprises. Ride The Wormway To No-Wonderland. Consider this marooned astronaut. His spaceship and supplies are swallowed in one gulp by something from beneath the featureless plain of an unknown world. The natives are not hostile but incurious. He fathers a child without ever touching the mother. It's when he does physically create his true offspring that he gets his most startling surprise."

More Neal Barrett, Jr. Books

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Other Seasons Now Available!

Fifty years of Barrett in 560 pages! In time for holiday gift-giving, Subterranean Press has published Other Seasons: The Best of Neal Barrett, Jr.. This is a limited edition hardcover, 750 numbered copies, fully bound in cloth, signed by Neal. Great reading, great gift, solid collectible. Paul di Filippo's stellar review says it is a "generous, stimulating, mammoth compendium...a landmark volume, " with "singular, macabre, exultant, visionary storytelling." And it's only $40!